I think everybody has forgotten about this blog… Maybe I’ll make some changes to it and get it up and turn it into SOMETHING… Kind of a sad post so I hope the title makes up for it 😛

What’s Going on?

Hello! Greeting!

I just was lazy to blogging, Lego making through, Now not, I don’t know why members are So quiet, but Why don’t we Wake up?



A while back, a created a project called DOGFIGHT 3D. Now, in this post, you can find out how I got the idea for the game, and play it!

Dogfight is a multiplayer game that you play over the internet on a website called Mniclip. It is free to play, all you need to do is make an account. Please try it out. It’s really fun. If you would like to play me, my username is “doctortaco1” because some dude took camppest. comment below if you would like to set a time.

Icon building challenge

“Hey guys it’s me again with another report. Enjoy!!

NXTLOG Icon Building Challenge
LEGO MINDSTORMS has been an popular in the world of robotics for over a 10 years. It has a worldwide community of fans and has even been to the International Space Station! With the release of the EV3 this fall we want to celebrate the accomplishments of the iconic NXT. We want NXTLOGgers to build a NXT robot that represents an icon. It can be a model of a famous person, place or thing. Make sure to make the icon represent YOU too – our famous builders and fans! Put your own twist on your project and show off your own building style.

Entries must be submitted by July 31, 2013. What will you make?”
By coldevlego

Ok, now it’s me, webmaster4o. Here’s what I plan to make:

Icon: the lego brick

The lego brick is an icon that has made a huge impact on the toy industry. All of us reading this know this firsthand. Therefore, I will make a GIANT LEGO BRICK! It will use my one motor skid steering mechanism (unposted) so that the Lego brick can move around and still have 2 motors to spare! I found inspiration in the chapter on jumbo building in “The lego technic builder’s guide”.

No copying!!!


Hello eveyone! It’s SuperSluether again. I’ve been slowly updating this blog to make it look it’s best. I hope you like it! I’ll be updating The Crew page as we get new authors. Check it out! I might even be able to post links to the Google profiles of our crew. Stay in touch!



I am Kwon8429 – who is the new author of this site.

I am the kid who loves mindstorms and technic (sorry, my real age is top secret). Now I live in Gunsan, South Korea.

you may find me here :

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